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DSI Brand


The Elite 3 rifle is a slightly smaller and slimmer version of the Elite 4 rifle.
The slim dimensions of this rifle make it easier for younger performers to toss and control.

• Length: 36"

• 4.25" butt plate

• Weight: 2.2 - 2.4lbs 


The new Elite 5 color guard rifle is a hybrid of our popular Elite 3 and Elite 4 rifles.
The length and butt plate gives the illusion of a larger rifle on the field.
It is designed to be slightly smaller and lighter than its parents though,
allowing performers of any size and strength to toss and control the rifle.

• Length: 37.5"

• 4.75" butt plate

• Weight: 2.2lbs 


The Elite 4 rifle is typically used by drum corps and world class winter guards.
It looks larger on the field and on the floor due to its length and butt plate.
The Elite 4 rifle is typically used by the most experienced performers due to its size and weight

• Length: 39"

• 5" butt plate

• Weight: 2.4 - 2.6lbs

• 5" butt plate

• Weight: 2.4 - 2.6lbs


 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.