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Shoe Spray


Finally, an easy way to make your shoes appear invisible!


It’s been a common problem for years.
Your shoes really stand out because there is such a contrast between
your skin tone and the color of the shoes.
Finally, there’s an easy way to keep the focus of your performance on you and not your feet.
The “skin tone matched” shoe spray from DSI is easily applied to any guard or dance shoe
to make your shoes appear “invisible” on your feet.
No preparer is necessary when applying to the Ever-Jazz shoes. Just spray and go!
Cover up those small nicks and scratches or completely change the color of your footwear for a custom look.
Choose from a variety of colors that will complement your uniforms. 

*Over 40 additional colors available in 4.5 oz. cans which must be purchased in cases of 12 cans*

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